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Dr. Pamela Mehta is a distinguished orthopedic surgeon renowned for her expertise in sports injuries and joint arthritis. With an impressive career and training under leading innovators, she has served as Chief of Orthopedics and National Orthopedic Director for a major orthopedic hospitalist group and advises several publicly traded companies.

Born in St. Louis and raised in Southern California, Dr. Mehta graduated with honors from the University of Southern California. She completed her orthopedic residency at Columbia University, training under Dr. Louis Bigliani, a pioneer in shoulder replacement surgery.

Returning to California, Dr. Mehta worked as an orthopedic surgeon before founding her private practice, Resilience Orthopedics. A recreational athlete, she stays active with her husband and three children, enjoying outdoor adventures in Santa Cruz, Los Gatos, and Tahoe.

In 2018, she launched her social media platforms to connect with patients and empower women, using Instagram and TikTok to inspire others with humor and motivation. Dr. Mehta is highly regarded in San Jose, consistently earning reviews above 4.5 stars on multiple platforms.

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