Dr. Pamela Mehta

Dr Pamela Mehta

Dr. Pamela Mehta has established an excellent relationship with the media over television, podcasts, social media, collaboration with private organizations, and involvement in advertising.

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Sometimes the road can be isolating. In this episode, host Dr. Rupa Wong is joined by guest, orthopedic surgeon Dr. Pamela Mehta.  She shares the struggles and obstacles she overcame when face with pregnancy discrimination in her job, as she started her own family.  

In today’s episode, D is joined by orthopedic surgeon Dr. Pamela Mehta (@dr.pamelamehta). Dr. Pam shares how she knew orthopedic surgery was the perfect fit for her as well as her experiences with sexism and racism in the medical field.
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Join host Dr. Natalie Crawford with special guest Dr. Pamela Mehta as they discuss life as a woman in a man’s world. Dr. Mehta is an orthopedic surgeon who has suffered from gender bias and maternal discrimination and left to start her own practice.
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Dr. Pamela Mehta, MD. A Orthopedic Surgeon and advocate for women in all fields shares with us how women from all backgrounds can have the career and the life they dream of regardless of how hard that path may be.