Meet Dr. Mehta

Dr. Pamela Mehta is a board-certified Orthopedic Surgeon in San Jose, California who is an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries and joint arthritis. Dr. Mehta is a skilled surgeon and enjoys seeing the results of her work in the smiles of her patients. Her compassionate manner and excellent surgical skills have earned her multiple accolades, including being named the Chief of Orthopedics and National Orthopedic Director for Surgical Affiliates Management Group.
Dr. Mehta is passionate about her patients. After five years of working at a large managed-care medical group, she founded Resilience Orthopedics to allow her to take care of patients on a more concierge and personal level. At Resilience Orthopedics, Dr. Mehta will work with you directly to ensure that you bounce back from the pain that brought you here.
Dr. Pamela Mehta was born in St. Louis, Missouri and raised in Southern California. She attended the University of Southern California for both undergraduate studies and medical school. She found her calling in Orthopedics and completed one of the premier Orthopedic residencies in the country at Columbia University in New York where she trained under Dr. Louis Bigliani, the inventor of the modern shoulder replacement.
Dr. Mehta is a recreational athlete who understands the impact of muscle, tendon, or joint pains on your daily life. She enjoys cycling, Pilates, and running. Dr. Mehta trains vigorously to keep up with her husband, two young sons, and toddler daughter.

Columbia University New York Presbyterian Hospital.

University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine.
Graduated with Honors

University of Southern California Double Major in Biology and Religion.
Graduated with Honors

About Resilience

At Resilience Orthopedics, we are committed to helping you bounce back from your injury, pain, or setback. For Dr. Mehta and our entire team, Resilience is more than just a name. We all face challenges in our lives, and many of these challenges cannot be handled alone. Finding the right team of people to assist us along the way is often the most important step we can take in facing these challenges. At Resilience Orthopedics, we want to be the team to help you. Recently, we’ve seen the word Resilience popping up everywhere. Here are a couple links to articles about resilience that we found interesting. We hope you find these motivating or memorable in some way! (Disclaimer: Resilience Orthopedics has no relationship with the authors of these articles. We simply find them interesting and relevant and want to share.)
In this NY Times Op-Ed piece , David Brooks talks about the paths human beings take to be resilient. He debunks the commonly held belief that older folks became resilient by being thrown to the wolves, working hard, and gutting it out while today’s younger people are soft because their helicopter parents shield them from challenges, suffering, and failure. Says Brooks, “The people we admire for being resilient are not hard; they are ardent. They have a fervent commitment to some cause, some ideal or some relationship. That higher yearning enables them to withstand setbacks, pain and betrayal. Such people are, as they say in the martial arts world, strong like water. A blow might sink into them, and when it does they are profoundly affected by it. But they can absorb the blow because it’s short term while their natural shape is long term . . . . If you really want people to be tough, make them idealistic for some cause, make them tender for some other person, make them committed to some world view that puts today’s temporary pain in the context of a larger hope. Emotional fragility seems like a psychological problem, but it has only a philosophical answer. People are really tough only after they have taken a leap of faith for some truth or mission or love. Once they’ve done that they can withstand a lot. We live in an age when it’s considered sophisticated to be disenchanted. But people who are enchanted are the real tough cookies.”