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Dr. Mehta is a hand surgeon in San Jose and is an expert in treating most hand conditions. She specializes in hand and wrist surgery including upper extremity issues involving ligaments and nerves.

When you first visit Dr. Mehta, she will examine your hand, explain the cause of your discomfort, and work with you to create a personalized treatment plan to ease your hand and wrist pain.

Conservative treatments for hand and wrist pain can include anti-inflammatory medication, physical therapy, and wrist splints or braces. However, if your hand pain is serious or your pain continues despite conservative treatment, Dr. Mehta may offer a cortisone injection or hand surgery. 

Hand surgery in San Jose

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Hand Surgery in San Jose

At Resilience Orthopedics, Dr. Mehta performs advanced surgical techniques to repair your hand condition. Types of hand surgery she can offer include:

Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery

Carpal tunnel release surgery, known as median nerve decompression, is a treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome to relieve numbness, tingling and pain in your hand. 

Dr. Mehta will incise the carpal ligament in your wrist to reduce pressure on your median nerve. This is done through a small incision and usually performed under local anesthetic, decreasing complication rates and speeding up recovery.

surgeon preparing for hand surgery in San Jose

Cubital Tunnel Release Surgery

Cubital tunnel release surgery, known as ulnar nerve decompression, is a treatment for cubital tunnel syndrome. Cubital tunnel syndrome is due to pressure on the ulnar nerve in your elbow which causes symptoms on the opposite side of your hand to carpal tunnel syndrome. 

Dr. Mehta will cut fibrous bands around your elbow to reduce the pressure and ease symptoms of numbness, tingling, and pain.

De Quervain’s Release Surgery

De Quervain’s release surgery is a treatment for de Quervain’s tenosynovitis. If your symptoms are severe or not responding to conservative treatment, Dr. Mehta will cut a tendon sheath near the base of the thumb to allow your tendons to move freely.

patient with trigger finger on his right ring finger

Trigger Finger Surgery

Trigger finger surgery is a treatment for trigger finger, also known as stenosing tenosynovitis. In this condition your finger or thumb is stuck in a curled position. Dr. Mehta will cut a fibrous band known as a pulley  in your finger to allow your tendons to move freely. 

After surgery you will be able to freely bend and straighten the affected finger again.

Metacarpal and Phalangeal Fracture Stabilization

Fracture stabilization is a treatment for broken metacarpals (hand bones) and phalanges (finger bones). If the type of fracture in your hand is unsuitable for being treated with a cast or taping, Dr. Mehta will use surgical tools including wires and screws to stabilize the broken bones in your hand. 

What to Expect After Hand Surgery

For most types of hand surgery, you will be able to return home after a few hours of monitoring post-procedure. Dr. Mehta will arrange for appropriate pain relief and care instructions for your hand dressing.

You may have your hand immobilized in a bandage or splint for a few weeks after the procedure. You will have a small scar over your hand or wrist following this procedure. You may have some restrictions on activities that you can do, to rest your hand and allow it to heal after surgery.

Hand and wrist pain require evaluation from an orthopedic surgeon
Your hand is very sensitive and makes intricate movements which are a key part of your life. Because of this, you may require intensive physical therapy for several weeks after your surgery. If you need a hand surgeon in San Jose, Dr. Mehta will provide concierge orthopedic care and will arrange for follow up visits with her at Resilience Orthopedics, as well as calling you to check up on you during your recovery.

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