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Dr. Pamela Mehta, MD, is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon in San Jose. She is known for her caring and passionate approach to orthopedic care. Read her testimonials to find out why she’s the best orthopedic surgeon in San Jose.

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C F. Google Reviews, March 2022

Both my son and my husband have been seen by Dr. Mehta, and we definitely recommend her for families.  When our son broke his wrist this summer, Dr. Mehta’s calm and reassuring manner made him feel comfortable. She explained everything to him (and to me!) in a way we could understand. She answered all our questions and took time with us.  Her office staff is also professional and friendly, and the office is warm and welcoming.  Thank you, Dr. Mehta!

Aalyia Y. Yelp, September 2020

I consulted Dr. Mehta after breaking my ankle in December 2019. She was extremely empathetic, knowledgeable, and took her time to explain everything to me so that I had a good understanding of my fracture and management options. She held my hand and got me comfortable with the idea of surgery and allayed my fears. Her office was very responsive, timely and worked efficiently to help me get my imaging done in an expeditious manner.

I highly recommend her for her incredible bedside manner, empathy and level of expertise. She is exactly what you want in your surgeon.

RateMDs, July 2021

I am so impressed by (and grateful) for the care given to me by Dr. Pamela Mehta. Any time I get the opportunity to give her a referral or recommendation I can’t resist. The level of care she provides far surpasses that of any other doctor I have ever seen. I was so impressed with Dr. Mehta’s approach. She patiently explained every detail of my ACL reconstruction surgery, and really took the time to listen and answer all the questions I had. If I ever have to refer anybody I know to an orthopedic surgeon, I will insist they see Dr. Mehta! There isn’t anybody else I would go to if I needed surgery again. Thanks Dr. Mehta for the great care you have provided me!

RateMDs, June 2021

I am a 63 year old active woman who enjoys walking, running and cycling. A year ago I began experiencing knee pain that increasingly limited my activities. I was hesitant to see a doctor about it because I feared surgery and rehab. However, a friend recommended Dr. Pam Mehta and I decided to consult with her.

Dr. Mehta ordered an MRI that revealed that I had a torn meniscus and early arthritis. She explained that she could address both issues with an outpatient arthroscopy and that I would return to my normal activities. She took the time to explain the MRI findings and the details of the procedure and my recovery. I felt very confident in Dr. Mehta and decided to have the surgery.

The surgery and my recovery have gone very smoothly. I was up and walking the day after. Dr. Mehta has made sure that I am getting the most out of physical therapy. It has now been 5 weeks and I am back to walking 4 miles a day and riding my bike.

I am happy that I decided to go ahead with the surgery and am pleased to recommend Dr. Mehta to anyone with a similar situation.

Sandra Ortiz. Google Reviews, 2020

Dr. Metha is an excellent Dr. who cares about your needs. She takes time to listen to your concerns. You immediately know you are in good hands as soon as you meet her. She did an excellent job on my hip replacement. I had a fall and wound up at emergency and she came to see me right away luckily, I didn’t ruin the good work she did on my hip. I have recovered well. My incision is practically invisible. I highly recommend her for any of your orthopedic needs. She cares about you. I’m so grateful and blessed to have her as my doctor.

Steve K. Yelp, November 2019

I had a great experience my one-time meeting Dr Mehta. She walked me through what the problem was and the course of action to fix it.

She laid things out calmly with a step by step of how we get me back to 100% with no future pain. Her calm demeanor and thorough explanation made me feel at ease that everything would work out fine.

I followed the steps provided and everything did work out just as she’d laid out.

Should something come up again I will definitely be going to Dr Mehta again.

RateMDs, December 2018

Over the past year, I came to see Dr. Mehta, who is one of the best doctors in the bay area. Not only generous with her time but listens and is incredibly helpful. She is friendly and eager to please all her patients. She continues to be available and explains all her recommendations in detail. I did extremely well under her care. I really appreciate a doctor who insists on getting all the information before making the final solution to surgery.

Dr. Mehta has so much confidence that she made me feel immediately comfortable from my consultation. She answers all my questions and never rushed me out of the office for the next patient.

Thank you so much for your commitment in helping others feel a hundred percent better.

Dayna Menard. Google Reviews, 2018

I got injured back in October and chose Dr. Mehta to be my initial specialist. She was an amazing Orthopedic, and I would recommend her to anyone! You really get treated like a person, and not just a number, when dealing with Dr. Mehta.