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Dr. Pamela Mehta, MD
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Why Choose Dr. Mehta

Dr. Pamela Mehta MD is a board-certified orthopedic doctor and founder of Resilience Orthopedics in San Jose. She is an orthopedic specialist and offers concierge care for all musculoskeletal conditions.

At our orthopedic clinic, we strive to make you feel confident, supported, and informed throughout the whole journey of your recovery. Dr. Mehta is known for her caring and compassionate approach, with universally positive feedback from her patients.

Dr. Mehta is a knee and shoulder specialist and has a special interest in minimally invasive surgery (joint arthroscopy) and degenerative joint conditions. She also runs a sports medicine clinic with the aim of repairing sports injuries and getting you back to doing what you love.

Conditions We Can Treat




Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) tear is a knee condition that is often a result of sports injury

Rotator Cuff Tear is a shoulder condition that involves injury to your rotator cuff muscles.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a hand condition that gives you hand numbness and pain.

Meniscus tear is a knee condition in which two pieces of knee cartilage are damaged, often in a sports injury.

Frozen Shoulder is a shoulder condition that gives you pain and stiffness in your shoulder.

De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis is a hand condition that occurs due to a problem with your wrist tendons.

Dr Mehta can treat complete and partial patellar tendon tears with both surgical and non-surgical therapies.

Shoulder impingement is a shoulder condition that gives you pain when you lift your arms and limits shoulder movements.

Trigger Finger

Trigger finger is a hand condition that causes your finger or thumb to catch or get stuck in position.

We offer knee replacement as a treatment for chronic knee pain, arthritis, and reduced range of movement.

Bicep Tendonitis is a condition of your upper arm and shoulder involving inflammation of the biceps tendons.

Wrist bursitis is the inflammation of the bursae that help the tendons of your fingers to move smoothly.

Dr. Pamela Mehta, MD, is an orthopedic doctor and can treat any orthopedic condition including knee, shoulder, and hand conditions.  She is highly reviewed on sites including Yelp, Google, rateMDs, and HealthGrades. At Resilience Orthopedics we offer concierge service and personalized orthopedic care.

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Dr. Mehta is a board-certified orthopedic doctor who can help you recover from your joint condition.

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