What our patients are saying about Dr. Mehta

Rose G. on Yelp

San Jose, CA

Dr. Mehta is a very caring and concern doctor she cares very much about her patient my husband had knee surgery got one more to go and I'm sure she will give him the same concern and care, also want to say her staff is very prompt and caring also they get the job done.

Renee Y. on Yelp

Los Gatos, CA

Dr Mehta is super professional. She takes great care to spend time figuring out your issues. I have seen her for my knee. I have also sent in my husband and parents. We are all impressed that she is really up-front and honest about what you need.

I really like that she provides alternative therapies like PRP as well as more traditional treatments. It is really important to me to have prevention first! LOVE HER

Cheryl P. on Yelp

Oakland, CA

Everyone told me shoulder surgery is the worst. Dr Mehta did mine and I have fantastic results. I was on workmans comp and it can be difficult to find a great surgeon because of that. I got in to see her immediately and got an injection after the first meeting. Went back as the injection was not effective. Even though I am a nurse she explained everything very thoroughly. I was scheduled for surgery 2 weeks after we decided this was the best alternative. I highly recommend Dr Mehta.