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Dr Pamela Mehta, orthopedic surgeon in san jose

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Dr. Pamela Mehta, MD

Sports Medicine & Orthopedic Surgeon
San Jose, CA

Dr Pamela Mehta, orthopedic surgeon in san jose

Dr. Pamela Mehta, founder of Resilience Orthopedics, is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon in San Jose.

Dr. Mehta can assess and treat all orthopedic conditions. She also offers consultations in sports medicine and chronic joint problems.

At Resilience Orthopedics, we specialize in knee, shoulder, hand, and hip surgery. Dr. Mehta specializes in arthroscopic surgery. This technique to repair joint injuries with fewer scars. You can also expect to recover quicker from this procedure. Dr. Mehta can use arthroscopy in most cases.

Problems with your joints and bones can be stressful and worrying. You may not be sure if you’re going to get the best care. Or if instead you’ll be stuck in a merry-go-round of failed treatments and second opinions.

Resilience Orthopedics is your local San Jose orthopedic clinic. Here, you don’t have to worry about any of that. Dr. Pamela Mehta wants you to walk out of our door feeling that:

  • Your problems were listened to
  • Your pain was taken seriously
  • No question was left unanswered
  • The treatment plan was tailored to YOU!

At Resilience Orthopedics, we pride ourselves on listening to your individual needs. We treat the whole person, not just the joint. Dr. Mehta is a compassionate listener and skilled orthopedist, and offers a one-on-one concierge service.

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The Best Orthopedic Surgeon in San Jose

Dr. Mehta is a board-certified orthopedist who can help you recover from your joint condition.

We serve a broad area including:

We can help if you:

Specialist Services at Our Orthopedic Clinic in San Jose

Dr. Mehta deals with a range of knee conditions and can help you find the relief you deserve. Book now to get expert advice from the best knee specialist in San Jose.

Shoulder care from your local San Jose shoulder specialist. Whether you have a shoulder injury or chronic problem, we can help you get back to action.

If you have a problem with your hands or wrist joint, we offer iagnosis & treatment for orthopedic hand and wrist conditions by a leading hand specialist.

We offer advanced knee surgeries from Dr. Mehta, a leading California knee surgeon. She specialises in knee replacement and minimally invasive techniques, including knee arthroscopy.

Get access to cutting-edge Shoulder surgery from the best shoulder surgeon in San Jose. Dr. Mehta is a specialist in minimally invasive shoulder surgery and shoulder replacement.

Access advanced procedures to get relief from your hand and wrist problem, with hand and wrist surgery from your local hand surgeon, Dr. Pamela Mehta.

If you’re struggling with knee pain, we can offer relief. Get diagnosis and treatment of knee pain in Bay Area, CA by our expert knee pain doctor, Dr. Pamela Mehta. 

Re-gain mobility, get back to your normal daily activities, and sleep pain-free at night with treatment in Los Gatos by Dr. Mehta, a top shoulder pain doctor.

Find comprehensive hand and wrist therapy and find pain relief. We provide expert treatment by Dr. Mehta, hand & wrist pain doctor in San Jose.

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Joint Conditions We Treat

Treatment for anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear and sprain.
Cartilage repair surgery to heal knee meniscus tear.
Treatment for complete and partial patellar tendon rupture.

Advanced pain relief and surgery for knee arthritis and chronic knee conditions.

Minimally invasive surgery for your rotator cuff tear.
Cortisone injection and physical therapy for frozen shoulder.
Effective treatments for shoulder impingement pain.

Recover from your biceps tendonitis with an expert orthopedist.

Hand pain relief with carpal tunnel syndrome surgery.
Treatment options for de Quervain’s tenosynovitis.

Diagnosis and treatment to relief the pain & stiffness of wrist bursitis.

Trigger Finger

Minor surgery and other treatments for trigger finger.

Dr. Mehta can treat all orthopedic conditions and offers concierge care without pushing you into surgery. Other services we offer includes fracture care, joint injection, and sports injury treatment.


What Patients Say About Dr. Mehta, Orthopedic Surgeon in San Jose

Yelp rating score: 4.7 out of 5, based on 42 reviews

You Don’t Deserve to Live With Pain

Escape from your discomfort

At Resilience Orthopedics, our goal is to get you back to your activities as quickly as possible. Joint pains can be debilitating and can affect other parts of your life. Dr. Pamela Mehta will help you to find the relief you are looking for and help you return to the things you love to do.

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