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shoulder pain symptoms help us diagnose your shoulder pain in san jose

Shoulder problems commonly manifest as shoulder pain and difficulty moving your arm. Pain in your shoulder joint is often associated with difficulty moving, and can significantly impact your daily life.

The shoulder pain can make it difficult to play any sports which require arm movement, lift things for your work, or sleep comfortably. While some shoulder conditions heal without any medical intervention, it’s important to know when you should visit a shoulder specialist.

Your shoulder joint is a “ball and socket” joint that is very mobile and allows you to reach for things from all directions. When you get shoulder pain it could be due to problems originating from the bones and cartilage of the joint, the muscles and tendons of your shoulder, or the nerves which pass through your shoulder on the way to your arms.

shoulder pain symptoms help us diagnose your shoulder pain in san jose

Shoulder Pain Symptoms

Shoulder pain symptoms depend on the condition which is causing it. Symptoms associated with shoulder pain can include:

  • Pain in your shoulder at rest
  • Pain when you move your shoulder
  • Pain when you lift heavy objects
  • Limited shoulder range of motion
  • Popping or clicking sounds when you move your shoulder
  • Weakness in your arm or hand
  • Numbness in your arm
  • Your shoulder joint feeling unstable

Some shoulder conditions are due to simple trauma or inflammation, but if you have a serious injury and don’t visit your local shoulder surgeon or family doctor, you might be causing lasting damage! There are certain symptoms such as joint instability which signify a serious problem, and if you don’t know the cause of the pain or it’s not improving you should ask for professional advice.

Common causes for shoulder pain include:

Dr. Pamela Mehta M.D is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon and founder of Resilience Orthopedics based in Los Gatos, CA. If you live in the San Jose area and are suffering from shoulder pain, you should book a consultation with us today.

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Dr. Mehta is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon who can help you recover from your joint condition.

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Shoulder Pain Diagnosis in San Jose

When you attend our orthopedic clinic, Dr. Mehta will first perform a physical examination of your shoulder. The location of pain, any swelling, and assessment of your joint stability will all help Dr. Mehta determine the likely cause and will direct her to which tests to order and which treatments are available. She will also ask you questions about how long the pain has been there, any associated symptoms, and your medical history.

After examination, you will receive an x-ray to look at the structure of your shoulder, which may be followed by an MRI or ultrasound. These imaging tests help to rule out other conditions which can cause shoulder pain and will help determine which treatment options are most likely to help ease your pain.

Following tests, Dr. Mehta will discuss the diagnosis, what treatment options are available, and how long the recovery from your shoulder pain will take. She always works with her patients to create a personalized treatment plan.

Examination of the shoulder joint can help with shoulder pain diagnosis

Shoulder Pain Treatment in San Jose

At Resilience Orthopedics, we offer a concierge orthopedic service with modern and advanced treatment options for patients suffering from joint and musculoskeletal conditions such as shoulder impingement. Dr. Mehta is an expert shoulder surgeon and specializes in minimally-invasive surgical techniques for conditions including rotator cuff tear.

By choosing Dr. Mehta as your shoulder specialist, you can be assured that she will never push surgical treatments on you if you’d prefer to explore a full range of non-surgical options first. She cares about her patients and wants you to get immediate shoulder pain relief as well as a long term solution to your pain. Conservative treatment for shoulder pain can include:

  • Exercise plans
  • Physical therapy
  • Shoulder sling
  • Hot or cold treatments
  • Anti-inflammatory medications
  • Cortisone injections

Sometimes, surgery such as shoulder arthroscopy is required to view the damage in your shoulder joint directly and fix the problem while minimizing recovery time and scars. Dr. Mehta offers a full range of surgical treatments at a first-class surgery center. She will advise you on recovery time from surgery and will call you to follow up on your conditions afterwards.

Treatment for shoulder pain can give you shoulder pain relief


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San Jose, CA
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This review is long overdue from a very happy and ever so grateful patient! I was having major shoulder pain to the point where I couldn't raise my left shoulder. I decided to go to Dr. Mehta after a friend recommended me to her. Dr. Mehta was very attentive during our initial apt. She was quickly able to diagnose the root cause of my shoulder issue and explained the how and why I ended up with this pain. Her treatment plan involved me doing various mobility exercises and after two weeks I can honestly say I am at least 50% better. I think a few other Yelp reviewers mentioned this but I have to say it again, Dr Mehta truly cares about her patients and it was very apparent from how she followed up with my recovery. She called and emailed me to make sure I was following the plan and kept up with all my progress. I'm not sure how Dr Mehta finds the time to do all this but after my experience with her, I can say with certainty that she is a very skillful doctor and I have 100% trust in her.
Ashis Roy
Google Review
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Dr. Mehta is an exceptional surgeon who is both easily approachable and honest. It’s hard to find doctors with such integrity. She saw both of my parents for their knee and shoulder issues and was able diagnose and treat their issues.

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