What our patients are saying about Dr. Mehta

Katrina A. on Yelp

San Jose, CA

Life is full of mishaps and great relationships. I had one really big mishap and happily stumbled into a wonderful relationship. I've been blessed to cross paths with the beautiful professional Dr. Mehta and her wonderful staff. In a time when pain seriously interferes with manners. They were kind and gracious even when I was not. The staff was great.

Jackie J. on Yelp

San Jose, CA

I came to see Dr. Mehta, who is one of the best doctors in the Bay area. Not only is she generous with her time but she listens and is incredibly helpful. She is friendly and eager to please all of her patients. She continues to be available and explains all her recommendations in detail. I did extremely well under her care. I really appreciate a doctor who insists on getting all the information before making the final recommendation of surgery.

Dr. Mehta has so much confidence that she made me feel immediately comfortable with my consultation. She answers all my questions and never rushed me out of the office for the next patient.

Thank you so much for your commitment to helping others feel a hundred percent better.

Jim C. on Yelp

San Jose, CA

I've had pain in both knees for a while but my right knee got to a point where something had to be done.

I made a quick appointment and the staff was friendly and professional. Dr. Mehta explained arthritis, how the knee and joints worked and then suggested injections.

I was out within 45 minutes and am now pain-free.