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Dr. Mehta made a big impression on me and my family with her skills, ease of doing business and her willingness to take the time to understand my specific requirements.

She is fast, thorough, and you will leave her office feeling like you had and opportunity to learn and understand what are your best options. I went in for sharp pains shooting down my arm. Albeit I am on my way to recovery, I am not in severe pain anymore. Her recommended next steps is for me to seek alternative methods prior to surgery. I can "REALLY" appreciate this comment.

I would highly recommend anyone to seek her medical expertise.

Napoleon G.
San Jose, CA
5.0 star rating 7/3/2017 on Yelp

I highly recommend Dr.Pamela Mehta! I went in for pain in both my hands at the base of my thumbs thatwas so bad that I could not even hold a heavy book with one hand.

She gave me the option of either PRP injections or Cortizone injections. I decided to have the Cortisone since it was covered by my insurance.The very next day my pain was almost completely gone and I can now carry heavy objects without any problem at all. Dr. Mehta took the time to explain my issues and my recommended options. I will definitely see her again for any of my orthopedic needs.

I was also very impressed with her caring attitude and her attention to my needs.

Wayne S.
Hemet, CA
5.0 star rating 3/24/2017 on Yelp

I couldn't have asked for a better surgeon! Dr. Mehta is very detailed in her explanations, and meticulous in her work as a surgeon. Her office is organized and well-run. I saw her at all of my appointments and she spent a great deal of time with me. My knee surgery went great, and after just a couple months I am back to my life pain free!

Needhi P.
San Francisco, CA
5.0 star rating 1/25/2017 on Yelp

I got injured back in October, and chose Dr. Mehta to be my initial specialist. She was an amazing Orthopedic, and I would recommend her to anyone! You really get treated like a person, and not just a number, when dealing with Dr. Mehta.

Since I started with this merry-go-round of treatments I've dealt with many different doctor's and specialist, and I've learned one thing. Next to Dr. Pamela Mehta the others have the professionalism of a McDonald's back cook!

Day M.
San Jose, CA
5.0 star rating 3/15/2017 on Yelp

Kind, thorough, and skilled. Dr. Mehta helped my mother tremendously with her knee. We can't thank her enough.

Sunaina K.
Los Angeles, CA
5.0 star rating 1/25/2017 on Yelp

Dr. Mehta treated my son when he broke his ankle. She was very caring and thorough when taking care of him. She put my son and myself at ease. She took her time to explain the fracture and injury and the plan of care. I also appreciated the follow up calls and images we received just to make sure everything had healed properly. The staff was great as well, especially the tech responsible for the casts! We had such wonderful care that we went back to the office when my daughter broke her ankle the following year!

Brooke C.
Elk Grove, CA
5.0 star rating 3/3/2017 on Yelp

Dr. Mehta has provided me with some great resources and answers to my knee pain. She was able to diagnose my knee problem even before an MRI confirmed it. She spent almost an hour with me and answered all of my questions. She has an incredible bedside manner as well. I would highly recommend her and so glad I found her.

Isiah H.
Danville, CA
5.0 star rating 1/19/2017 on Yelp

I have never taken the time to write a review for anyone before but this doctor is new to the area and she deserves recognition.
I have had severe shoulder pain for almost a month now and I have gotten hardly any sleep and it was starting to affect my thinking and my work.

I went online and called a few orthopedic doctors from some of the providers that I typically use but they were so booked they could not see me until almost 45 days later that just was not going to work for me.

That is when I found dr. Mehta online and I was immediately seen in her office the next day and 5 Days Later she was giving me a shot in my shoulder to help me get relief from the pain I was experiencing.
This doctor may be new to the area but she is by no means new to Medicine and as much as I hate shots mine was almost but not quite painless.

The good news is I have relief and I am looking forward to a good night's sleep tonight so I would just like to say thank you Dr. Mehta

David Patterson
August 23, 2016

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